About Me

A young Buffalo based graphic designer, specializing in graphics, branding, illustration, and photography. I provide clients with a special image that separates them from their competition. My objective as a designer is to provide quality work in all mediums to those who seek modern and artistic taste. I have had experience with all mediums for over four years and have provided work for local events, newspapers, agencies, businesses, and musicians.



My story begins in the small city of Buffalo, N.Y. where I spent all of my life so far. I am Depew High School graduate and current student at Buffalo State College. My talents and skills derive from these two places, mentors I have looked up to, along with a combination of my imagination and creativity.

Since I was at a young age I have always been intrigued by art and the many different forms that collect under that title. From little drawings straight from my imagination, to large scale projects, I have always felt consistent passion building within me. Over the years, my process has developed into a precise system through experimentation. Every project, no matter how large or small, is treated equally, harnessing all of my passion.

This is just the beginning. As my mind wanders into the depths of this creative world we live in, I learn, grow, and develop myself for what the future holds. Plans of expanding my portfolio into all forms of art that interest me will continuously be accomplished as time passes. For now, please enjoy all my work on my website as well as my Instagram page. Reach out, share, and get inspired by what my eyes perceive.

– Dylan Pilley –